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Whatever you do in life you need to be at your best when it is needed. This is not only for the family, friends or colleagues around you, but for YOU too. Quite often you don't feel you are up to speed, although you carry on. With lower quality food available, fast food, ever more gadgets to do things for us, technology that absorbs us, it's never been more important to supplement our diets and exercise. For those who remember TV's before remote controls, you would easily of travelled over 1km in a month to change channels, turn the volume up or down and actually turn the set off!! Even your lighting and heating can be controlled by smart phones, the Disney film WALL-E does spring to mind....

Taking nutrition could change your life, and by taking quality products you stand a better chance to do this. Read some of the great results that people have had below. If you would like to share any testimonials about the products you are taking please click here.

"I was recommended by my sister to try the e9 and Proargi-9+, as she has been taking them for a while and has had great results from it. I have been on the e9 for almost 4 weeks and the ProArgi-9 Plus for just over a week and the effects I felt were almost instant. I look after my two young grandchildren and find I now have a lot more energy to keep up with them. Also, having had frozen shoulder last year and not fully recovered yet, I have found an improvement in my arm movement and less pain since being on the products."

Ana W

Synergy e9 review Proargi-9 review

"Since I've been taking these products I've noticed a big difference in my health and the way I feel..my breathing and energy in the morning in particular has greatly improved.."


Synergy e9 review

"Having been unsuccessful with taking vitamin tablets, mainly because I'd forget or couldn't be bothered, I decided to try e9 on a friend's recommendation - but to be honest, I thought it wouldn't last more than a couple of weeks too - but here I am, 3 months on and I'm still taking the e9s - and the reason? It's taken as a great tasting drink. I have one sachet in the morning before I start work and carry extra sachets in my handbag just in case I need an extra boost during the day. I am definitely feeling the benefits of the e9, not only the extra energy but also feel healthier, my nails are stronger and no more migraines, which I was getting at least once a week. Family & friends have commented on how well I look - so, all in all, success - so much so that now my 84 year old mother and some family members are now taking e9 too. I also started to take Proargi-9+ and Zambroza about 2 months ago and again the additional benefits became very noticeable within a week or so. My sinusitis cleared, I can now breathe properly through my nose, my early morning ritual of coughing for half hour has almost disappeared completely and I am sleeping more restful. I am sure that there are lots of other benefits that I have not noticed yet as I am still marvelling over these more obvious ones at the moment. Another product I would like to share the results of with you is Silver Sheild Gel. We all know that the summer months can be irritating and painful to some of us in the form of insect bites! My body seems to be a banquet for these little darlings and 80% of the time I develop an allergic reaction to the bites and have to either take antihistamine or antibiotics - well not anymore - I apply the Silver Shield gel to the bite and it alleviates the itchiness and I haven't had a bad reaction since, only minor reactions that clear up in a couple of days - so bite away my little darlings as you deserve to eat too! I also use the gel on burns, blemishes and as a daily moisturiser on my face to keep my skin hydrated and feeling soft."

Maria Moriera

Synergy e9 review Proargi-9 review Silver Sheild Gel review

"I have been on the e9 and Proargi-9+ for about 3 months and the benefits I am getting from these products is wonderful. As well as having more energy now, they have also cleared up the light headedness I used to get, they have helped my asthma too, I am no longer using my inhaler as often as I used to and I am now able to have a more restful sleep. At the age of 85, this is wonderful."

Lourdes M

Synergy e9 review Proargi-9 review

"I have been on e9 and Proargi-9+ for about 3 months now and I have found it has helped me to be more active and agile. I am 79 years old and was having problems with my knees joints, I have found them to be a lot better since I started using these products."

George H

Synergy e9 review Proargi-9 review


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